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Rubber Nipple Suckers

Rubber Nipple Suckers perfect for a creative fetish play, simply put these nipple suckers on and squeeze. For larger niples keep them on for a longer time and your nipples with enlarge. We simply couldnt miss these…

Alligator Y Style Cock ring

Y -Style attached nipple clamps and cock ring with medium alligator style clamps. The clamps are adjustable and the cock ring chain detaches from the nipple clam chain so you can choose how much to take! The medium clamps are good for general use.

Chinese Cupping Set 10 pc

Chinese cupping set of 10 pcs with pump. This cupping set when used produces interesting physical, sensual results on body parts such as nipples and other sensitive areas. Before use please moist skin thoroughly and go slowly with this item as excessive suction can cause breaks in capillary blood vessels resulting in a “hickey” type […]